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Protecting yourself protects your community

Download the Alhosn app today.

Join hundreds of thousands of users across the UAE shielding themselves from COVID-19 with Alhosn. This national app is not only made for UAE citizens and residents, but also for tourists and visitors.

What Is Alhosn 01

Provides quick access to COVID-19 test results

What Is Alhosn 02

Let you share test report and vaccination certificate

Protect Ourselves

Protect ourselves

Alhosn helps us check our test results and health status anytime, anywhere

Protect our loved ones

Protect our loved ones

Add our family members to Alhosn user list to check their status

Protect Our Community

Protect our community

By using Alhosn we can reduce the spread of Covid-19

Fighting COVID-19 together

Share Alhosn with your family, friends, and communities. Only through collective action can we protect ourselves and those around us.

Download Alhosn today to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community.