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About Alhosn

What is Alhosn?

Alhosn is the official UAE app for health testing related to COVID-19. It provides you with access to test results and notifies you if you have contacted confirmed cases of COVID-19. Using a health colour coding system, Alhosn will help identify and allow those free from COVID-19 to go to public spaces and workplaces. By using the app, you can help stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep your family, friends, and colleagues safe.

How does Alhosn protect me?

The app will help you to:

  • Protect yourself: Alhosn helps you check your health status anytime, anywhere.
  • Protect your loved ones: By adding your family members, you have a clear awareness of their status.
  • Protect your community: Alhosn makes it easier to prevent the spread of Covid-19, protecting the wider community.
Who should use Alhosn?

Everyone in the UAE should use the Alhosn app. The effectiveness of the app is based on nationwide use to ensure everyone is protected. In simple terms, the more people use the app, the safer everyone will be.

What is the Alhosn COVID-19 health coding system?

The Alhosn health coding system involves the generation of a unique personal QR code and a colour-coding system that determines the status of your health in relation to COVID-19. The colours represent the following:

  • Grey: indicates you have no test results that are currently available
  • Green: indicates you have been tested and you are healthy. This could grant you access to public places in the future.
  • Red: indicates your most recent test returned positive and you must seek the advice of the local health authority.

Using Alhosn

Is it mandatory to download Alhosn?

No, it is not mandatory. But by using Alhosn, you can help stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep your family, friends, and colleagues safe. Protecting yourself protects your community.

How do I install Alhosn?

You can download the Alhosn app from the App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei AppGallery and Galaxy Store for free. You then register and authenticate by entering your Emirates ID(Unified ID) and phone number followed by the one-time password (OTP) sent to your phone.

An internet connection is required when you first install the Alhosn app. However, the app is whitelisted by the telecom operators, and data used will not be counted against the user’s quota.

How do I install Alhosn as an international visitor?

Please follow these steps to use Alhosn:

Before travelling:

- Register your arrivals on ICP website. You can also submit your vaccination certificates through this service.

- Download Alhosn app on Google Play Store, App Store, Huawei App Gallery.

After arrival:

- Ask immigration desk about your Unified ID or check the entry stamp. Alternatively, you can use this ICP service to check your UID.

- Do PCR test at the airport and provide a valid phone number(you may use this number to receive Alhosn OTP for login later).

- After you received your PCR test result SMS, log into Alhosn with your UID and one of the phone numbers you registered at ICP or did PCR test.

*In any case you can't receive OTP with your home country number, please report to us. As an alternative solution, provide another number when you do another PCR test.

Can I see the test results of my dependents?

Yes. Within a family or household, parents and guardians can access the test results of dependents within their household as long as their Emirates IDs(Unified IDs) are registered under the same mobile number at ICP or the test center. Children, the elderly, and Persons of Determination should have accounts – everyone in the UAE should have an account.

Is Alhosn available in more than one language?

Yes, the app is currently available in Arabic, English and Hindi(English and Arabic available on Web App). We will consider further languages as the need arises.

Do I need data or wi-fi to run the app?

Yes, although the app does not consume data under all circumstances, since it is whitelisted by the UAE telecom operators.

How do I get my COVID-19 test results via Alhosn?

Once the tests results are made available by the health authority, they will be displayed immediately on the Alhosn app.

Can I book a COVID-19 test through Alhosn?

No. Currently, Alhosn can only receive your test results.

Can I sync Alhosn with my smartwatch?

No, this function is not yet available.

Does Alhosn only work on Android and iOS devices?

Yes, the app has been designed to function on smartphones running on Android and iOS only.

I don’t have a smartphone. How can I use the app?

You can use Alhosn web application with your web browser. Please visit https://m.alhosnapp.ae to login and check your status.

Also, you can send R [YOUR EID/UID] to 6336 to query your status.(This service is open for Etisalat subscribers).

We also provide your USSD service to query lastest test result. Just call *48*[Your EID/UID]#, then you will get the result on your phone.

Do I need an Emirates ID or Unified ID to use Alhosn?

Yes. The app currently requires a valid Emirates ID number or Unified ID to login. However, forthcoming updates could enable alternatives such as a passport.
If you are an international visitor, please REGISTER YOUR ARRIVALS on ICP website and get your Unified ID.

What happens if I change my phone?

If you change or lose your phone, you have to reinstall Alhosn on your new phone and register using the same Emirates ID(or unified ID) and phone number as before to retrieve your profile.

I have registered but I have not received the OTP. What should I do next?

If you do not receive the OTP, please wait for 2 minutes then try again. If after 2 minutes, you still have not received the OTP then there may be a technical issue, which should be resolved in a few hours. Please contact us if you require additional support.

Privacy and Security

Can I choose what data is shared?

Yes. You need to give your consent when you register for your Alhosn account. You also control who you share your test results with.

How is my data protected?

An important feature of the application is that it preserves the confidentiality of individuals by not sharing their information.

Your personal information is stored on the Alhosn app in an encrypted format. When the app communicates with other phones, your personal details are anonymised.


Where can I find the latest updates on COVID-19 in the UAE?

You can visit the website and follow the social media channels of the Ministry of Health and Prevention (@mohapuae), the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (@NCEMAUAE) and your local health authorities for the latest news and developments about COVID-19 in the UAE.

You can also follow Alhosn social media channels (@AlHosnApp) for all our latest updates and tips to help you and your loved ones